Academic study at the Grey House School

Academic study at The Grey House School

The evolving curriculum is compatible with the National Curriculum but not constrained by it; we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to experience the wide range of subjects on offer.

Academics at The Grey House School

All pupils are taught: 

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • ICT
  • Art and Design
  • Geography
  • History
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Physical Education 
  • Religious Education

In Forms V and VI pupils are taught:

  • Latin

In the Lower School (Reception, Form I and II) most subjects are taught by the Form Teachers with PE, French, Spanish and Music being taught by specialists. In the Upper School an increased amount of specialist subject teaching takes place.

Pupils are prepared for entrance to selective Senior Schools. The examinations take place in the Spring Term and children go on to attend many different secondary schools. 

In 2016, the following numbers gained entry to the following schools: The Abbey - 1; Farnborough Hill - 5; Hawley Place - 1; Luckley House - 2; Lord Wandsworth College - 5 (2 scholarships awarded); Reading Bluecoat - 1; Royal Grammar School, Guildford - 2; Salesian College - 6 (2 in top 10%; 2 in top 25%); Sherfield School - 2. 100% of children gained entry to their first choice school.

In 2017, the following numbers gained entry to the following schools:  Alton Convent - 1; Farnborough Hill - 6; Hawley Place - 4 (3 scholarships awarded); Leighton Park - 1 (academic scholarship awarded); Lord Wandsworth College - 6 (Sports and academic scholarship awarded); Reading Bluecoat - 1; Salesian College - 8 (1 academic scholarship awarded); St Neots - 1; St Nicholas - 2; Sherfield School - 2. 95% of children gained entry to their first choice school.

The pupils in Form VI have taken the Key Stage 2 SATS papers. Follow this link to see our Key Stage 2 Results.

In standardised tests where the National Average is 50%, our results for 2017 are as folllows: Spelling 68%, Reading 85%, English 100% and Maths 89%.

School examinations are taken by Forms III, IV and V in the Summer Term.

Learning Support is offered to children assessed as having specific learning difficulties, after consultation with parents and specialist staff who provide one-to-one support.



You are welcome to visit the Nursery or the School at any time.  Call 01252 842353 or for the School and 01252 843418 or for the Nursery.

 We will be very pleased to hear from  Early Years practitioners regarding any future vacancies we may have at our Nursery.



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