Children in Need 2017 at The Grey House School Hartley Wintney

Children in need 2013Children in Need 2017 - £1 204.67 raised by YOU; an amazing total!

 £1 204.67 has been raised -  a truly remarkable amount  from the school; your support and generosity is so much appreciated.

Most of the money has been raised by this year's Form VI who have been busy over the last few weeks making and baking with lots of encouragement from Mrs Barraclough. The children are all to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and achievements and a  huge 'thank you' is also due to all of the Form VI parents for their support.

I am pleased to report that the bears' behaviour, as well as that of children at The Grey House School was more than 'good' and a great day was had by all.

Many of the children's lessons on Friday were 'Bear Themed'  and it is lovely to be able to have a happy and special day in school while at the same time raising money for such a worthwhile cause; thank you all once again.

Competition winners were as follows:

Colouring Competition Lower School - Saffi, Upper School - Amber.

Guess the number of sweets in the jar: Lois

Guess the weight of the cake: Mrs Carter

Guess the name of the bear: Alex H and Mrs Tucker-Brown

Guess the number of Lego bricks: Adam


Form VI have written some poems about the day which I hope you enjoy reading.

Children in Need 

Kindergarten swarm in like famished bees in search of honey,

You can hear the crunch of Mrs Barraclough’s five tar chocolate brownie,

The ear-piercing, “Yes!” of a child

Who has won a massive bag of Haribo,

Children’s bears flood through the room

Like a tsunami of fluffy toys.

By George W


Children in Need

“It’s Pudsey!” exclaimed an excited voice,

Raising money for Children in Need

I really enjoyed planting the seed,

A seed among many  seeds,

All to grow into huge trees.

Trees of kindness as happy as a smile,

Giving to Children in Need.

When all the children swarmed in,

A swarm of bees,

Buzzing with excitement,

Everyone busy,

Buying and selling,

Stalls were flocked to,

by herds of children,

Coin after coin,

Note after note,

Raining down like droplets.

Then it’s all over,

Gone ‘til next year,

But Children in Need now have over one thousand pounds,

Ready to change lives!

By Oliver M


Pudsey Day 

Form VI were ready,

Ready to raise heaps of money,

The swarm of children,

Rushed in like a plague of locusts,

Guess the name of the bear

Stress balls

Bookmarks and more!

It was over…

Everybody had bought and played,

Twenty-two children and one teacher

Raised a gargantuan amount of glorious money,

To help Children in Need.

By Iniya 











As a child

With a cruel disability,

Wanders past like a lone lion,

Everything around him,

Turns to sea,

Cold sea,

Dismal sea,

And with the sea,

Comes an island,

A lone island,

Like a warrior,

After a battle,

So, when you came swarming,

Into the hall,

With the stalls,

Standing bright and tall,

Remember why,

We’re doing this…

All for a child.


By Alex Judge





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It is with great sadness that we announce that the decision has been made to close The Grey House School and Nursery in December 2018. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the school over the 69 years it has been in existence, for their support and hope that your  memories are happpy ones.


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