Lest We Forget


This week before Remembrance Day saw the telling of some remarkable stories of children's grandfathers, grandmothers, great grandfathers, great grandfathers and other family members as Assemblies led by Mrs Fowles, focused on their war experiences.  We have heard stories of great courage from The Great War and World War Two, along with those involved in more recent conflicts. We have two families whose relatives who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park, a Horsa glider pilot who was part of Operation Market Garden at Arnhem, several relatives who were Prisoners of War in awful circumstances along with so many who fought bravely and also those who lost their lives at an unbearably young age.

It has been humbling for us all. but has also served to remind us all of our great heritage and has been a catalyst for the pupils to find out more about their families. In the schoool's own Remembrance Service, members of Form VI read some thought- provoking poems, and 'The Last Post' played on the violin was a fitting end to a thought-provoking week.

 'We Will Remember Them'





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