'Survival Week'

 This last week 12th March,  has seen the children enjoying a range of rather different activities based around the theme of 'Survival'.

A crocodile, a scorpion, a barn owl, a monitor lizard,bearded dragons and meercats were just some of the animals which came to The Grey House School on Tuesday. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Safari Pete who gave the children the chance to not only see, but also to touch some of these remarkable animals. The children learnt about how these animals survive in their habitats and how they catch their prey.

The Young Shakespeare's performance and workshop on 'The Tempest' was, as always, engaging and entertaining - a real tale of survival!

Our trip to Hazeley Heath, led by the RSPB, to look at habitats was a chance to get close to nature - and spot a grass snake- and we have loved building bug hotels, animal shelters and shelters for ourselves in the school grounds.

Science lessons saw children finding out how people adapt to disabilities such as tunnel vision ( the versatility of the loo roll again in evidence here!) and discovering how blubber allows animals in Arctic conditions to survive.

In our Assembly on Friday, the children shared with parents some of their work and the activities they took part in.

Winners of the mask competition were Form K: Teddy, Form I Joshua, Form II Archie, Form III Alessandro, Form IV Cara, Form V Ismael and Form VI Alex H.

It has been a super week, although of course we have missied the skiers and look forward to seeing them back in School on Monday.

17th March




It is with great sadness that we announce the possible closure of The Grey House School and Nursery in December 2018. There will be further announcements when a final decision has been reached.


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