Term Dates

Term Dates 2017 - 2018


Autumn Term 2017

(7th Sept-18th Oct, 30th Oct-14th Dec)


  • School starts- Thursday  7th September
  • Half Term: Thurday 19th  October - Friday 27th October
  • End of Term - Thursday 14th December

Spring Term 2018

(8th Jan-9th Feb, 19th Feb-22nd Mar)


  • School starts - Monday 8th January
  • Half Term: Monday 12th - 16th February
  • End of Term - Thursday 22nd March
        (Ski Trip 10th - 17th March)

Summer Term 2018

(16th April-25th May, 4th June - 5th July)


  •  School starts - Monday 16th April
  • Half Term: Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June
  • End of Term - Thursday 5th July

        Prizegiving Saturday 30th June

 Term Dates 2018-2019


 Autumn Term 2018

(6th Sept-17th Oct, 29th Oct-13th Dec)

  •  School starts - Thursday 6th September
  • Half Term: Thursday 18th October-Friday 26th October
  • End of Term - Thursday 13th December

Spring Term 2019

(7th Jan-15th Feb, 25th Feb-4th April)

  • School starts - Monday 7th January
  • Half Term: Monday 18th-22nd February
  • End of Term - Thursday 4th April

 (French Trip 4th- 8th April 2019 Form V & VI)

Summer Term 2019

(29th April-24th May, 3rd June-11th July)

  • School starts - Monday 29th April

  (Bank Holiday Monday 6th May - school closed)

  • Half Term: Monday 27th May-Friday 31st May

   Prizegiving Saturday 6th July

  • End of Term - Thursday 11th July


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