Hints for Writing a Great College Essay

Hints for Writing a Great College Essay

Whether you like or hate writing, there is a time in life you will have to do a lot of writing. If you are someone who enjoys writing, tackling an essay cannot scare you in any way. Some tips make the process easier.

Preparing to Write an Essay

If you want to have the right writing skills, you need to prepare yourself as much as you can. There is no way you will fail if you do everything correctly. That can never happen.

  • Understanding the Assignment

Do start working on an assignment when you are not sure of what it requires. There is no harm if you ask your friends or an instructor for help. When you know the correct way of doing something, chances are you will do your best to succeed. There is no need to keep quiet when you know very well; you do not see the procedure to follow. If you ask for help, you are not stupid. You are only trying to learn so that you do not make mistakes.

  • Researching and Creating an Outline

You can do both of them together instead of working on them differently. When you are doing your research, have a list that has topics that you have. As you proceed with your work, make sure you include links to the articles to have an easy time identifying them.

  • Figure Out the Things You want to Say

Before you start writing, you will need to have your ideas in place. There is no essence of writing without coming up with ideas first. That should always be the first step you take if you want to succeed. You will know the arguments that will work best for your essay and the best way to support them. It will also help you stay on track because you will not confuse yourself trying to write other things that are not there.

  • Create an Outline

The moment you complete the idea part, you have to move to the next part, which requires you to create an outline. No paper turns out successful without a strategy. It will help you work with the things you need and leave the irrelevant ones out. You have to arrange your outline correctly in the way you want your paper to flow.

  • Drafting an Essay

After you finish your research and everything else, you can start writing because that is the only thing that will be remaining. Write about all the points you have researched. You will have to come up with a draft that will assist you when writing.

Parts of an Essay

1. Introduction

You have to be keen on this part because it is the part that will either make the reader happy or unhappy. The reader will be so eager to read your introduction part. There is no need to disappoint him/her by writing foolish things. The first line should be intriguing so that the reader gains the morale of reader the whole article. Make sure you introduce the topic you are working on together with the arguments. You need to have strong sentences so that the reader remains hooked to your paper. It is not hard to impress the reader. As long as you choose the correct words, you are good to go. Your introduction should have a few sentences for it, not to lose meaning. Make it short because that is how it is supposed to be. There is no need to force issues by adding irrelevant points in your introduction part.

2. Body

The introduction is the foundation of the essay, but the body is what carries the entire paper. You have to present your arguments correctly by supporting them with evidence. You have to know the correct manner of arranging your statements so that the reader enjoys your work. You have to start with the most vital point going downwards, not the other way round. You hide the weak fact in the fourth paragraph because the reader will not notice it quickly.

3. Conclusion

It is the last part of your essay. You get to summarize your essay in a few lines. Do not make the mistake of writing points that are off-topic because you will end up failing. Try as much as you can to make it short so that you do not include irrelevant facts. If you want to have better skills, you also have to take time and work on the conclusion.

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