How Do You Write Personal Essay?

How Do You Write Personal Essay?

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What is a personal essay? Why is it important? Well, every student has a personal story to share. The main challenge is to get those ideas out of your head and create a story that can resonate with your target audience.

In many institutions, it has been made mandatory for a student to submit a personal statement as part of a college application. It is a golden opportunity for a student to take control and allow the university/college to know more about them.

Although personal essay follows some predetermined prompt, the student is at liberty to write whatever they want as long as it relates to their selected essay question.

Why is Personal Essay Important?

What comes to mind when you are in the process of joining a college? How to get good grades and test scores, get a scholarship, understand your chosen field, e.t.c. There is the soft side that you would also wish for- to be known for who you are personal statement can give admission officers additional insight into who you are as a person, what drives you and how you communicate and follow instructions.

A well written personal essay can, therefore, boost your application and obtain a spot in the freshman class.

So, how do you write a great personal essay? Here are some expert tips to follow:

  1. Reveal Something Unique about Yourself

While it seems easy to follow these tip, it is one of the most difficult things students struggle with. Most students find themselves repeating the same thing. For instance, if you’re applying for admission in a music class, there’s no need to emphasize how you enjoy playing flute in the band. The college already knows you love music. Tell the admission officer something new about you. For example, you can talk about how religion has shaped your life perspective and career choice, how a mentor helped you have more focus in life. Also, you may discuss how an in the event you experienced has made you who you are today. Just find something that adds another dimension to your application.

  1. Create a Compelling Topic

A compelling personal essay topic is often deeply relatable. While the story shared is about the author’s experience, there are some universal truths and realities that speak to the audience. Topics to do with handling fear, making difficult choices, overcoming addiction is something that happens to all people.

  1. Start with a Hook

A compelling story requires you to draw the reader in from the very first paragraph. You can start with a rhetorical question. Make sure that your hook and opening sentences establish the topic of your personal essay.

  1. Create an Outline

An outline helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas. It makes you talk about your topic. From your hook and opening paragraph, you can map out the sequence of events or ideas to support it.

  1. Focus on a few Things

Avoid writing general things. If you’re talking about the impact on religion, you need to illustrate it through your personal experience. What did the experience teach you? What influences has religion had in your life? What does it mean to you?

  1. Create a Thought-Provoking Conclusion

You should end the essay with your own reflection and analysis. Share what you learn and how it has changed you. Write something that will evoke an emotional response in your readers. In case you still feel that it’s too complicated to craft a personal essay on your own, feel free to buy an essay online cheap.

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