How to Choose Good Opinion Essay Topics

How to Choose Good Opinion Essay Topics

Most students are bound to write an opinion essay outline during their time in school, as it gives them the chance to say what they think about a specific topic. However, one of the reason it is not common is because many people are of the opinion that the writing process for this paper type can be quite complex and difficult.

Also, several students find it difficult because of the hassle of choosing a topic. Fortunately, this post addresses this problem. This piece explores tips on how to write an opinion essay and also provides some great topics for you. So, let’s get started!

What is opinion essay?

An opinion essay refers to a type of academic essay or paper that allows you to share your views and opinions about a certain topic. In this essay, you are expected to back up your views with examples, facts, and evidence. Persuasive essays sound similar, but there is a difference; in opinion essay writing, you are not trying to convince anyone.

Like other essays, opinion essays must be written in a standard format and structure having the usual essay elements like introduction, body, and conclusion. Opinion essays basically feature your stand with the opinion – whether you agree with the topic or disagree with it – and you must show why you believe what you believe succinctly and strongly.

Choosing strong topics for your opinion essay

It can be difficult to get a theme for an opinion paper. To combat this, you should choose strong opinion topics that you are well grounded in your knowledge, views, and interests about it. Of course, you can go for something a bit more challenging if you like challenges.

One reason why people go for familiar topics is that proof or evidence to back up your opinion will almost always be available. This implies that going for an unfamiliar topic entails getting new proof and evidence which might be a bit challenging.

But, as advised, if you have the opportunity to pick the topic yourself, make an easy choice. You will definitely not regret it.

Opinion essay writing: 6 effective tips to writing a good opinion essay

Here are some things to consider when looking to write the best opinion essay eyes have seen:

  • Brainstorm on potential topics

Check out the pros and cons of your selected topics and opt for the one you believe you have more valid points for.

  • Find reliable sources

Get and use trustworthy and truthful proof to back up your reasons. Accurate citations are a good inclusion here.

  • Ensure clarity

Ensure it is as clear and short as possible. Let your readers know what they are in for right from the start – what is your essay all about? what is your goal?

  • Address the two sides of the coin

Do not fail to provide the other side of your reasoning. After choosing your side, you should look to state the other side’s positions and reasons as clearly as possibly also.

  • Use a strong thesis statement

Your thesis statement should be as strong as possible. You must make it strong and let it relate to other paragraphs and sections properly.

  • Proofread when finished

Ensure you go through your citations when proofreading, and check your grammar and spellings. You should also check the structure of opinion essay too. You might have a good essay, but grammar and spelling mistakes devalue your essay easily.

Great opinion topics for all students

One of the challenges students face when writing an opinion essay is finding a suitable topic. Here are some samples for you to choose from:

Good opinion writing topics

  1. Should schools have a GPA alternative?
  2. Should education and religion be allowed to coexist?
  3. Do you think parents offer the/ greatest impact on the mental growth of a child?
  4. Is good education rated higher than work experience?
  5. Should healthcare be free for all?
  6. Should everyone exercise their right to free arms?

Interesting opinion essay topics

  1. Should teachers be given the power to punish students as they like?
  2. Should students be given the power to choose only preferred subjects?
  3. Is there a need to study Latin nowadays?
  4. Should we close down gender schools?
  5. What is better to live in your opinion, a bustling metropolis or a quiet town?
  6. Has literacy taken more importance now than in the past? Give reasons for your thoughts
  7. Some celebrities, athletes, and singers earn a lot of money. Do you think they should be earning that much?
  8. If you had funds to build a house or start a business, which would you do?
  9. Do you think it is more profitable to study in a group or individually?

Opinion essay topics college

  1. Should smartphones be banned at college classes?
  2. Are e-books the new library fad?
  3. People go to college for various reasons. What are the most common reasons?
  4. What are the changes you think should be made in the Constitution?
  5. What knowledge source is most essential, book knowledge or life experience?
  6. What are the ways movies influence people’s actions?
  7. Do you think college education should be free?
  8. Does buying essays online count as cheating?
  9. Should PE be compulsory?

Opinion essay topics high school

  1. Is private schooling causing harm to education as a whole?
  2. Is American education better than other countries?
  3. Is there anything like unintentional plagiarism?
  4. Would you love to stay in one city all your life or live across multiple cities of the world?
  5. Do you agree that the most essential element for success is self-confidence?
  6. Do you believe that social media is more of a danger than a creator to personal
  7. Why is life expectancy higher in developed countries and what do you think the reason is?
  8. Which sounds right to you, humans are destroying the Earth, or they are fixing?

Good topics for opinion writing

  1. Is there any relationship between campus violence and video games?
  2. Should we continue trusting online sources and media for research and references?
  3. Where is better to raise a kid, a large city or a rural town?
  4. Do you agree that hard work determines how successful a person will be, no luck
  5. In your opinion, which is safer, restaurant meals and food stand meals
  6. What’s your take on independent learning and instructor learning?
  7. Should there be a greater focus on road and highway improvement by the government?
  8. What is your opinion about saving for the future compared to spending money?

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