40 Great Topic Ideas for Writing Persuasive Essay

40 Great Topic Ideas for Writing Persuasive Essay

Learning to write a persuasive essay outline correctly helps polish your critical thinking skills. When anyone writes a persuasive essay, be it students, professors, or the president of a country, they develop a consistent and unique writing style. This is primarily because they need to see the point, produce counterarguments, and gather evidence to support their opinions and thoughts.

This article will help you understand how to start a persuasive essay without hassle. Continue reading to learn more about persuasive essays and good persuasive topic ideas.

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is an essay type that offers logical opinions in the form of arguments with an emotional side. What is the purpose of a persuasive essay then? The purpose of a persuasive essay may be to change the readers’ notions, perspectives, and opinions. These types of essays can follow academic writing and personal writing formats.

Persuasive essays usually begin with a question concerning the idea that the writer either supports or refutes. Persuasive essays have to be firm in what it agrees with or go against; else it would not be termed persuasive. The writer will then explore different counter arguments and positions to discredit the main idea.

Effective tips on writing an excellent persuasive essay

As with any other writing type, writers have different writing styles and processes. However, there are general rules and guidelines when writing this type of essay. Here are some of these rules:

  • Choose a topic or theme you are passionate about

When you truly believe in something, you will discover you can defend and explain it better. If the option to pick a topic is your responsibility, select one that drives you. This does not erase the prospect of research; however, since you already hold a strong opinion about the topic, you will be able to defend it more easily.

  • Understand your audience

You need to know who you’re trying to convince before you attempt to convince them of a reasonable chance of success. For instance, if you are writing about why school children shouldn’t be punished, you are addressing parents and teachers. Appealing to teachers and students might take a bit of adjustment, so prepare early.

  • Get research on your side and the opposite side

If you are going to convince someone, you need to let them know what exactly you are convincing them of. It is unwise making positive points for your side when there is no context for the reader. Since you have seen both sides and chosen your side, your readers should be allowed to do likewise. Being the person to provide the other context increases your credibility and moral standing.

Persuasive essay topics you might like 

Here are some topic samples for your perusal:

Good persuasive essay topics

  1. What is the most remarkable subject to teach?
  2. Is the school day too long or too short?
  3. Should students choose the courses they want?
  4. What school rule should be eliminated?
  5. Should professional athletes take drug and substance tests?
  6. Some other interesting topics for persuasive essays
  7. Is it okay for shops to raise funds through unhealthy food sales in schools?

Inspiring persuasive essay ideas

  1. Is social media useful or not?
  2. Should rich people pay more tax?
  3. Is capital punishment moral?
  4. Are teenagers and youths more impolite than before?
  5. Does society treat people with mental illnesses fairly?
  6. Should we be fascinated by rich people on TV and social media?
  7. Should we continue teaching handwriting?
  8. Should sports players be forced to retire after injuries?
  9. Should cellphones be allowed in hospital wards?
  10. Should foreign exchange students be banned?

Persuasive essay topics for college

  1. Should college fees be abolished?
  2. How deeply should parents be entrenched in their children’s schooling?
  3. Is college education the best way to a good career?
  4. Are examinations the best way to test learning?
  5. Is online learning better than classroom learning?
  6. Should college students be taught sex education?
  7. Is showing teenage pregnancy on TV a good thing?

Persuasive essay topics for high school

  1. What punishment should be used for cheating in high school?
  2. Should high school students be allowed to use their phones in school?
  3. Does your high school handle bullying properly?
  4. Are high school classes starting way too early?
  5. Should high school students take martial art classes?
  6. Should boys be allowed to play on girl sports teams?
  7. Should there be more restrictions as regards teenage internet posts?

Persuasive essay topics for kids

  1. Is it good to cheat on tests and homework?
  2. Is it proper for friends to sit together in class?
  3. Should homework be scrapped?
  4. Should video games be seen as a professional sport?
  5. Should dress codes stay in schools?
  6. Should we support our neighbors in wars that make little to no sense?
  7. At what ages should a person be considered a youth, adult, and an elderly?

Persuasive essay topics for students

  1. Do video games make students violent?
  2. Should homeless people be cared for?
  3. Should countries opt for military drafting?
  4. Should sharks be killed for killing humans?
  5. Should gambling ads be allowed on TV?
  6. Should smoking be banned?
  7. Should more protective padding be used in football?


Persuasive essays are quite easy to write if you know what to do and how to go about it. It is also essential to know the clauses used in a persuasive essay. Adding all this to your persuasive essay outline will help you develop a unique essay that will capture the minds of your readers.

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