Women In The Workplace

Women In The Workplace

Over the years, in almost every part of the world, women are taking the job market by storm. Whether it is in advertising, business or even in the field of journalism and politics, women can be seen walking step by step if not a step ahead with men. More than fifty percent of the world’s job market has now been taken over by women. Where some people argue that it is good to have women in the workplace, there is a big percentage of people who claim otherwise.

Why Women Are Hired For Hostile Places

There have been cases when a woman has been asked to step into a job market solely to ensure the overall hostile environment can be controlled. It can easily be stated that asking a woman to do such a thing is almost like asking a woman to control the over ambitious nature and the almost violent approach men have towards one another. It is also argued that men play a vital role in maintaining such an environment. If they do not respect a woman’s presence in a workplace, the challenge is most likely to become almost impossible for her too.

Over the years people have given in special thought and time to the idea of women working in an environment that is male dominated. Several interviews have been conducted and it was observed that men rarely gave women a chance to speak each time they were asked a relevant question about the company. This is said to be a very usual thing to be experienced. A lot of women feel that despite their wit, potential and ability, they are ignored and not given the importance they deserve solely because of their gender.

Gender Discrimination at Work Place

A lot of women have complained that it cannot be denied that they will be told off or picked on solely because they are a woman. They also believe that several of their colleagues belittle their opinions to reinforce their power as a man. When a survey was run, almost all women said that it is not a rarity that they have to face a colleague who is rather sexist towards them. They claimed that the disappointing aspect of this experience was that no other colleague sees to notice this discrepancy. This shows how readily people have accepted the fact that women will be picked on.

Educated women possess the charisma, energy, enthusiasm, wit and innovation required to help companies achieve milestones. However without an empathetic, concerned employer with an gender equal approach to all his colleagues can make all the difference.

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