Ways of Writing Essays in English

Ways of Writing Essays in English

When it comes to writing an essay, you have to follow steps for you to come up with an exemplary paper.

  1. Creating a Word Bank

It is the best method to use when writing an essay. You will have to select a topic that you want then work on the thesis. You have to know that a thesis is mostly the arguments in your paper. When you finish the thesis part, you start focusing on your main topic. You will have to search for words that are related to it. When you follow this process, you will know many words to gather with their meanings. When your vocabulary is top-notch, your essay will have a different kind of vibe. There is numerous vocabulary to add when you visit the FluentU program. When you use FluentU, you will watch videos that will help you improve your grammar.

  1. Acting Like a Reporter

When you have a topic, make sure you do thorough research on the thesis part. You should ask as many questions as possible and another thing that will also help you is curiosity. The number of questions you ask will give you a lot of information for your paper. When you are curious, you can learn and know numerous things. A perfect essay should have different contents that make sense to both you and the reader. When you take a reporter’s role, nothing will be complicated when writing an essay.

  1. Creating Topic Sentences

It comes first when you are writing a paragraph. It gives the section a summary that makes the reader understand better. Before you start the writing process, you can first write them not to confuse yourself. You can write a couple of them because the body has three paragraphs. After writing the topic sentence, you will be able to support your work effectively without mixing statements.

  1. Arguing on Both Sides

If you are dealing with a more extended essay, do not jump into writing immediately. You will need to have a draft that contains the arguments on each side. The moment you start writing, you will have to choose aside. You have to know that the essence of arguing on both sides is because you will come up with an excellent thesis. If you argue on the other side, you will know the points you need to use in your paper. The topic will not be challenging to you in any way, and the grammar will also be on another level.

  1. Reading Backwards

To have proper grammar is problematic even to those people who think they know English. When you train yourself more when it comes to the language, things become simple. Native speakers have the most challenging time because they do not know the right or wrong things to write. They will write improper English and think that they are in the right direction. Suppose you want to stand out when it comes to English, learn how to write appropriate sentences, and practice your grammar. If you want to know you are not good at English, try reading the sentences you write backward. You will notice that you make a lot of mistakes that you can avoid if you practice. You have to make sure that you use the proper tense, grammar, and also writing the correct plural form.

  1. Use A Dictionary

If you are not sure of a word, take your time and check it in the dictionary. Do not misuse a syllable just because you cannot sacrifice your time. When you are close to your dictionary, you will avoid making silly mistakes. You will learn words that will enable you to write outstanding essays.

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