Writing A Great Commentary Essay With Ease

Writing A Great Commentary Essay With Ease

A commentary essay is one of the most common writing assignments you will get in high school or college. It entails analyzing a piece of work which could be a written text or any other selected work. The idea is to reveal your in-depth knowledge of the text by giving your own opinion on the same.

When writing this type of paper, it is important to define your goal for your work to flow logically. This guide explores some of the key factors to consider to come up with an insightful commentary essay.

  1. Read The Text And Do Further Research

The most important part of your commentary is your intense interaction with the text. It is important to read and understand the text before you attempt giving any feedback. It is also advisable to look for further feedback on the same text and other materials related to the work under review. It will help you write an intelligible paper.

  1. Define Your Approach/Argument

Before you start giving your feedback on the selected text, it is important to give a foundation for your arguments. The reader should understand your approach right from the beginning. This is a thesis or point of view which defines your approach in the rest of the essay.

  1. Create an Outline

An outline serves as your guide or roadmap when writing. It is one of the most important, albeit overlooked tools in essay writing. In your outline, include all the ideas you want to discuss and create a structure for your paper. Your commentary should have the following parts:

  • Introduction: Here, you will introduce the text and give a brief overview of the subject. It also includes your thesis or point of view for your paper. The reader should get an idea about your essay by reading this section alone.

  • Body: Your outline should include several paragraphs, each with a definite new idea. You can use specific examples from the text to support your argument. Make sure every example relates back to the subject you are discussing. It is important to ensure smooth transitions throughout your essay for easy reading.

  • Conclusion: Here, you should tie up all the ideas together. This part of your essay should leave the reader in no doubt about your argument. There should also be a summary of your argument to convince the reader.

  1. Show Understanding Of The Text

It is important to appreciate that a commentary revolves around your understanding of the text. While you might read further to find more about the piece of work under review, only your opinion matters in the commentary.

Some of the crucial features to look out for in the text include the plot, characters, and tone, among others. These will become the basis of your essay.

  1. Review Your Essay

Before submitting your essay, take some time to go through it with a fine-tooth comb. Check whether it conforms to the objectives you had set. Check the outline and confirm you have exhausted all the ideas. You should also assess the flow of the essay, edit it for grammatical and structural problems and proofread it for any other errors.

There you have it. Writing a commentary is a daunting task, but if you follow these tips, you will submit an A grade essay.

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